Self-Harm Prevention Study

Self-Harm Prevention Study

Would you like help coping with self-harm or thoughts of suicide?

Our research group in the Psychology Department at UC Berkeley is testing a new program designed to give you better control. We are looking for people who have concerns about self-harm or suicidal thoughts and actions to take part in a new brief program to teach coping skills.

This study involves questionnaires to see if you are eligible for the study, 7 online intervention sessions over a four-week period and 15-minute assessments before and after the intervention. The treatment sessions are free, and you will be paid for the time spent on assessments. A coach will check-in each week to answer questions. You must be taking part in ongoing treatment through the Tang Center, UCSF, or Children’s Health Council, to participate. Taking part in this program or not will not influence your ability to receive care through these clinics. Other non-research tools for managing your mood are available online (e.g., MoodGYM, TalkSpace).

If you are an adolescent or the caregiver of an adolescent, or above the age of 18 and receiving care at UCSF or Children’s Health Council (CHC) you can click on the UCSF scheduler link below to set up a time to hear more about the study and partake in our phone screen to assess eligibility.

Click the image below to download our flyer in PDF format.

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