Willingly Approached Set of Statistically Unlikely Pursuits (WASSUP)

The Willingly Approached Set of Statistically Unlikely Pursuits (WASSUP) is a measure of the tendency to set implausibly high goals. This measure was developed in collaboration with Charles Carver. This measure was intended to investigate the question of whether persons vulnerable to mania set unrealistic goals. It has seven factorially derived scales, pertaining to goals in different life domains. In several different studies using this measure we have found associations between diagnosed mania and hypomania (on the one hand) with reports of setting highly ambitious goals for popular fame (always), financial success (sometimes), and political influence (sometimes).
The subscales have been consistently found to be elevated among those at risk for bipolar disorder, as measured using subsyndromal lifetime symptoms, as well as those with diagnoses of remitted bipolar disorder.  Among those at risk for the disorder, it predicts the onset of diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and among those already diagnosed, it predicts conversion to more severe forms as well as more severe symptoms of mania over time.  It has been tied to a biological measure of reward, namely eye blink rate while anticipating a reward task.
Here is how we administer the WASSUP, followed by scoring instructions:

Measure Items & Scoring

For each item on this page, choose the answer (from the choices just below) that best reflects how likely you are to set that as a goal for yourself. Code that answer onto your answer sheet.
  • 1 = NO CHANCE I will set this goal for myself
  • 2 = Slight chance I will set this goal for myself
  • 3 = Moderate chance I will set this goal for myself
  • 4 = Very good chance I will set this goal for myself
  • 5 = Definitely WILL set this goal for myself
  • 1.    Celebrities will want to be your friends.
  • 2.    Each day of your work will be fulfilling.
  • 3.    Everyone you know will love you.
  • 4.    Someone will write a book about your life.
  • 5.    Whenever you have a problem, your friends will drop what they are doing to support you.
  • 6.    You will appear regularly on TV.
  • 7.    You will be famous.
  • 8.    You will be important in political circles.
  • 9.    You will be on a magazine list of the sexiest people alive.
  • 10.  You will be president of your country.
  • 11.  You will create a great work of art, music, or poetry.
  • 12.  You will create world peace.
  • 13.  You will develop a TV show or a movie.
  • 14.  You will do only things you really like to do, and nothing else.
  • 15.  You will enjoy every day to the max.
  • 16.  You will have 10 close friends.
  • 17.  You will have 100 friends.
  • 18.  You will have 20 million dollars or more.
  • 19.  You will have 40 close friends.
  • 20.  You will have a major role in a movie.
  • 21.  You will have a million dollars or more.
  • 22.  You will have more than 50 lovers in your lifetime.
  • 23.  You will have the closest family relationships imaginable.
  • 24.  You will run a Fortune 500 company.
  • 25.  You will self-actualize or reach Nirvana.
  • 26.  You will stop world hunger.
  • 27.  You will write a popular book.
  • 28.  Your children will see you as the perfect parent.
  • 29.  Your partner relationship will be sheer bliss for years.
  • 30.  Your relationship will be more romantic than Romeo and Juliet
  1. Items 1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 13, and 20 = popular fame
  2. Items 15, 23, 28, 29, and 30 = partner and family
  3. Items 12 and 26 = world well-being
  4. Items 8 and 10 = political influence
  5. Items 3, 5, 16, 17, 19  = friends
  6. Items 18, 21, 22, and 24 = financial success
  7. Items 2, 11, 14, 25, and 27 = creation/fulfillment